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Farm AGROWILD Nova Ves is located in the Karlovy Vary Region at an altitude of 742 m above sea level. The farm operates in an organic regime on an area of 1,809 hectares and focuses on livestock production, primarily on beef cattle breeding.

With long proven experience, we focus on the production of quality stocker cattle. The original breed was the Czech red-spotted cattle. We currently breed 700 beef Simmental and Limousin cattle on the farm.

In crop production we focus on the production of quality bulk fodder and a smaller part of the business is also the lease of hunting rights (hunting grounds).
Cattle breeding
Lease of hunting rights (hunting grounds)
Organic farming

Agrospol Starý Pelhřimov

The Agrospol Stary Pelhrimov farm was established in 1991 on the site of the former state enterprise OSEVA. The farm is located near the village of Stary Pelhrimov in the western part of the Vysocina Region, where all the farm's assets are concentrated, including livestock production, crop production and electricity generation from a biogas plant.

The company operates on 790 hectares of land and breeds 180 dairy cows and 90 bulls. It grows commodities for cattle fattening and, to a lesser extent, winter rapeseed and wheat.

It is a farm with a long tradition, building on the experience of our predecessors, which we are trying to develop further and enrich with modern farming technologies. We are a responsible farmer who adheres to the principles of good practice and we pride ourselves on the values of sustainability in harmony with nature.
Cattle breeding
Wheat and rapeseed production
Biogas plant

Druhá Poběžovická

The agricultural company Druhá Poběžovická was established in 1998 and operates on 2 370 hectares of agricultural land in the potato and grain growing area in the Domažlice district of the Pilsen Region.

In the field of crop production, it focuses on growing wheat, rape, barley and maize for silage. To a lesser extent, it grows spring cereals, mustard and peas. The farm also owns a gas station or a post-harvest line.

The mainstay of livestock production is modern pig and beef cattle breeding.

The farm has modern farming equipment and continuously invests in development and animal welfare.
Cattle breeding
Wheat and rapeseed production
Pig breeding
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