Unique opportunity to invest in agricultural farms in the Czech Republic

About the Fund

Verdi Agro Fund is the first fund on the Czech market that offers qualified investors the opportunity to invest in farms and agricultural primary production.

The uniqueness of the Fund lies in the fact that it does not invest only in agricultural land, but mainly in farms in the Czech Republic with the aim of their modernisation and further development.

The Fund currently owns shares in three farms in the Czech Republic, which together operate on more than 4 700 ha of land. They are engaged in crop and livestock production or electricity generation from a biogas plant.

We strive for balanced economic growth with an emphasis on a landscape-friendly approach. Our goal is to preserve the tradition of agricultural production in our region.

Cattle breeding
Pig breeding
Grain production
Electricity generation from a biogas plant
Milk production
Verdi SICAV a.s.
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Entry in the Trade Register:
Municipal Court in Prague, reference number B  27284
IČO: 171 40 200
This website is for information and promotional purposes only and is not an offer, solicitation or recommendation to invest. Before making an investment decision, you should read the Fund and Sub-Fund Statute. The value of investment shares changes over time and the historical performance of the Sub-Fund is not an indication or guarantee of future performance. An investment in the Sub-Fund is subject to the risks set out in the Fund and Sub-Fund's Statute. The Fund is intended for qualified investors pursuant to Section 272 of Act No. 240/2013 Coll., on Investment Companies and Investment Funds, as amended. Before investing, you should carefully consider the investment strategy and the risks that may be associated with the investment objectives of the Sub-Fund as set out in the Statute or other relevant documents. The Fund's Key Information Document (KID) and the Fund's Statute are available on the Fund's website.
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